Since 2008 I’ve been honored in sharing my digital obsessions with hundreds of satisfied customers while helping them create new opportunities for their business. That’s been my thing since as far back as 8 years old when I was known to help fellow friends put their electronic toys back together with a passion that turned into a creative flow that would help warrant a future for my family today. That’s the vision here at Vintage Roots Marketing, we like to help people, we like to help small business prosper, and we like to do it within reasonable means allowing our partners to generate income without over-leveraging their resources.

– Richard Ducat Founder and Owner

Our mission is to craft digital experiences, measure conversions with precise detail, add dimensional thinking, create a category-leading brand advertising experience that generates sales, formulates meaning and adds value to your client’s adventure. oh… and make your business a lot of money.

Here’s some of the tools we use.

Web Development

With industry standard credentials we develop and design a world-class web presence that exceeds your business expectations. We specialing in high-end technical SEO builds that focus on putting your business on page 1 of what matters most.

Social Media

Having generated over 1 million targeted and engaged users in multiple industries we develop and manage social media plans that give you influencer status that drives multiple likes, views, and sales!

Reliable Analytics

The backbone of our business and the brains behind our successful operation. We are consistently A/B testing and tweaking our consumer's ad campaigns based on real-time numbers to ensure a high ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

With over 6 years over technical SEO Industry experience, our team understands the need of ranking on the correct pages of google, bing, youtube, and more. This is what has helped drive the success of many of our past clients and a marketing method we focus heavily upon.


Using the top ad-platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Linkedin & Youtube we use a measured and mastered process that has ensured a low spend for a high-yield ROI on every cent spent.


We've launched 10+ different podcasts to all the major networks (Itunes, Google, Spotify) in the last 3 years that have reached the iTunes top 10,25, and 50 chart levels. This includes one of which our owner hosts himself. We use studio quality equipment and employ years of mixing experience to ensure a product that exceeds the radio-standard.

Photography & Video

With the use of studio quality equipment and we leverage the marketing capabilities of high-quality branding videos & photography that hit every unique facet of the digital market.

Graphic Design

We employ over ten years of experience to develop design materials that meet every need.

The Ducat Family

We're a family founded and operated business that prefers the word "partners" over clients. In other words, we love the people we work with.