Mikey Taylor

After following Mikey Taylor’s professional skateboarding career for my entire life I was honored to bring him on as a client. Mikeys social media following had amassed a following close to 500k yet it was suffering from daily losses close to 200+ followers. His social media channels are important to his business as he uses them as foundations to drive funding to his projects, traffic to his products, and generate new eyes on his day to day activities helping to grow his brands as a whole.

What We Did

After a few phone calls and some strategy sessions we knew we could come up with an outreach strategy that work reverse the problem and plug his loss of followers and at least maintain his current numbers. We developed an outreach strategy that was able to cut the loss of followers and actually start to grow him past the 500k mark driving new engagement to his brand, new leads and customers to his business, and overall growth to his online presence.

What were doing now:

We manage, maintain, and rock social media outreach daily for Mikey working to drive his engagement, following, numbers, leads, customers, and anything else we deem important during our weekly strategy calls.